University of Cambridge – Part 2

Here is the second part of my Cambridge issue. In the cover picture of the post you see the gate of St. Johns where I stayed. Pretty impressive architetctural sculpture I think. But in Cambridge everything looks like this. Even having breakfast is special!


In the Hall of Kings College you see portraits of the kings everywhere and at the front end there is a gigantic rug.

Having breakfast at King’s


After our full English breakfast, we went punting down the Cam (a bit like in Venice!). George and Qasim were the captains of our two boats, and we enjoyed some beautiful weather.Punting was really fun, especially when Annika took over control of the other boat and they nearly sank – just kidding!
I have to admit that it is not that easy and doing it for the first time is absolutely exhausting!  Although the sun was shining, it was chilly in the breeze and I wanted to warm myself up with a cup of tea. I went to a small café and waited for the others to pick me up for our visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum. (Unfortunaly I didn’t take any pictures here).  There was a visiting exhibition, which featured two bronze statues by Michelangelo, identified by a team of international experts. But for me, the most fascinating object was a Roman swiss army knife from the third century AD.
Time flew by and we returned to the Faculty of Classics for farewell drinks at the Cast Gallery. We chatted with the students and one of the lecturers and had a good time together. We rounded off the day with a final formal dinner at Pembroke College.

All in all I want to thank our hosts, who did a very nice job and organised everything so well. I had a wonderful time, which I won’t forget! I made so many new friends and I hope they will visit us soon in Munich!

Taking selfies
Punting – who will be faster?




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